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Scientific Software Group, an Internationally-known software company established in 1984, has a long tradition of excellence in providing the most advanced and comprehensive environmental software available today. SSG’s software products are used extensively throughout the world in more than 100 countries providing users with highly-efficient tools and the ease of use and flexibility demanded by today’s professionals.

Look over our currently available Groundwater, Surface-Water, Air Pollution, Bioremediation, Geology and other Environmental software products. This broad range of first-class scientific and engineering software provides versatility while improving profitability.

Scientific Software Group the only source you need for environmental software, groundwater software, surface water software, hydrogeology software, hydrologic software, hydraulic software, geotechnical software, geology software and air pollution software. If you have any software needs for water resources modeling, SSG is the place.

We offer environmental software solutions for the following applications:

Groundwater Modeling:
Groundwater flow modeling, groundwater transport modeling, contaminant transport modeling, particle tracking, multi-species transport modeling, reactive transport modeling, multi-phase modeling, unsaturated zone modeling, vadose zone modeling, soil vapor extraction modeling, bioremediation, natural attenuation, site remediation, pump and treat, site characterization, geostatistics, geostatistical analysis, stochastic modeling, groundwater-surfacewater interaction, parameter estimation, inverse modeling, calibration, salinity intrusion, density dependent flow, unconfined aquifer modeling, confined aquifer modeling, landfill design, risk assessment, and numerous other hydrogeological modeling applications.

Models available through Scientifc Software Group for groundwater modelling include: MODFLOW, MODPATH, MT3D, MT3DMS, RT3D, SEAM3D, UTCHEM, SEEP2D, FEMWATER, MODFLOW-SURFACT, PEST ASP, UCODE, MODFLOW2000, GMS, Visual MODFLOW, Groundwater Vistas, PMWin, Processing MODLFOW, FEFLOW, Argus One, ChemFLux, SVFlux, Svheat, Aqua3D, MOFAT, BioSVE, SVE_3D, Bioslurp, SWIFT2000, Flowpath II, WHI Unsat Suite Plus, SESOIL, VLEACH, GFLOW, WinFlow WinTran, TWODAN, MLAEM, AT123D, Visual Groundwater , Visual HELP, RISC WorkBench and many more!

Aquifer Testing:
Aquifer testing, pumping test software, slug test software, step test software, pump test analysis, step-drawdown test software, distance-drawdown, well tests, Theis analysis, Cooper-Jacob, Walton, Hantush-Jacob, Eden-Hazel, Birsoy-Summers, Neuman, Moench, Hantush-Bierschenk, forward/predictive solutions: Thies, Stallman, Hantush, Gringarten, Papadopulos. SSG offers the following Aquifer Test software solutions: ADEPT, Aquifer Test for Windows, Aquipak, Aquifer Test Pro, AquiferWin32, Infinite Extent, MODPUMP, Step Master, Super Slug, all similar to the AQTESOLV software.

Borehole Logging:
Create water well logs and borehole logs (boring logs) for environmental, petroleum, mining and geotechnical applications. Create detailed well log reports including staigraphy, lithology, geophysical data, as well as fence diagrams and geologic cross sections. Borehole log software from Scientific Software includes Winlog, Pocket Winlog, WinFence, WinSieve, QuickLog, Quick Cross/Fence, QuickSoil, QuickGIS, gINT, Equis Geology, which are similar to the LogPlot software.

Surface Water Modeling:
Hydrology modeling, hydraulic modeling, hydrodynamic modeling, 1D hydraulic modeling, 2D hydraulic modeling, water quality modeling, contaminant transport modeling, constituent transport modeling, sediment transport modeling, supercritical hydraulic modeling, backwater curve analysis, flood mitigation, flood mapping, flood inundation mapping, flood plain delineation, coastal modeling, circulation modeling, wave modeling, watershed modeling, watershed delineation, rainfall/runoff modeling, TMDL modeling, storm sewer modeling, stormwater modeling, pipe network modeling, dentention pond infiltration modeling and several other hydraulic and hydrologic modeling applications. Surfacewater models available from SSG include: TABS-MD, RMA2, RMA4, FESWMS, HIVEL2D, SED2D, HEC-RAS, BRI-STARS, ADCIRC, M2D, STWAVE, CGWAVE, SMS, WMS, HEC-1, TR20, TR-20, TR55, TR-55, NFF, HSPF, Rational Method, QHM, Aquasea, Aquadyn, MODRET and many more!

Geotechnical Software:
Slope stability analysis, soil analysis, geologic site characterization. Product available include: Galena, Soilvision, SVGrainsize, SieveGraph, WinSieve, Mohrview,Soilpara, Oilvol, among others. Slope stability software comparable to SLOPEW (SLOPE/W) and Slide by Rocscience.

Air Pollution Software:
Air dispersion modeling, air dispersion screening model, Emergency release – Dense gas model, traffic pollution modeling, air polution risk assessment. Air dispersion models available include: ISC-AERMOD, Screen View, Slab View, Slab 3D View, RMP View, CalRoads View, ISCST3, ISC-PRIME, AERMOD/AERMOD-PRIME, Offering capabilities similar or superior to: DEGADIS, ALOHA, CAMEO, Trinity Consulting BREEZE Air and BREEZE HAZ.

Surface Mapping and Visualization
Contouring software, surface mapping software, mapping software, digitizing software, graphing software, environmental visualization software, groundwater visualization software, groundwater animation software, subsurface visualization and air pullution visualization software. Software titles include: ESRI ArcView, Esri Arc GIS, Golden Software: Surfer 8, Grapher 5, Didger 3, MapViewer 5, EVS (Environmental Visualization System), Visual Groundwater, GMS, 3DMaster(3D groundwater Explorer). Products comparable to EarthVision, MapInfo.

Geochemical Software, Database Management and Data Presentation
Environmental Database management, Soils database management, site envronmantal data, groundwater statistical analysis software, geochemical database software, aqueous geochemical analysis and reporting. Titles offered: Equis Geology, Equis Chemistry, Envirodata, Chempoint, ChemStat, AquaChem, MINTEQA2 for Windows.

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